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Members Only Benefits Explained

In the members area, you will gain access to a personal profile where you can upload your photo and chat with other Braids by Jessica LLC members. Thank you for taking glimpse of this members area so that you can receive braids for you or your child for as low as $12. Here's how...

Braids by Jessica LLC is building this memberships area. It will cater to you or your child if you want to keep the natural hair under a protective style on a monthly basis. For as low as $12 per $60 style on an 80% off membership and never more than $42 on every $210 style on an 80% off membership on every single appointment for a lifetime.

The membership area is being optimized, once finished, you will be able to always receive your protective styles monthly for a lifetime of 30% to 50% and even 80% off. Yes, I said up to 80% off! Head over now to complete your free registration to reveal more. The services are mobile, therefore, as said before, we come to your location to cater to you personally. 

If you are applying for a braiding assistant position, creating a profile and uploading photos of yourself and work is mandatory to begin to start assisting to braid.

You can sign up for free now to get a one-time 50% off just for signing up! When you book online, just place in the notes of your booking that you are a member. 

Once the members area is optimized within the next 3-6 months, paid members will always receive 30%, 50%, and 80% off of styles as long as you remain a paid member.  Fees are as follows:

Monthly Fee
Monthly Discount
How often to receive hair styled? 
$10 per month
Bronze Level - 30% off
 Every month or 30 days*
$20 per month
Silver Level -  50% off
 Every 2 months or 60 days*
$30 per month
Gold Level -  80% off
 Every 3 months or 90 days*
* 15% fee of full price applies if you request hairstyles sooner

Fees are subject to change based off popularity. See Terms.